At the beginning…

The inspiration to take the first step into the Land of Blog:  Mike Wesch’s Provost Lecture 4.20.12

I have been thinking a great deal over the past month or so about the concept of Ed Parkour, ever since I first viewed the video of Jim Groom’s visit to K-State to discuss the concept.

The metaphor of “free running in which the structures, hurdles, and barriers in our paths are harnessed and leveraged to become springboards to creative new possibilities” resonated with me in a big way – for isn’t this exactly what all academic advisors aspire to assist their advisees to learn? – and I was moved to write my first post for the NACADA Blog using it.

Kansas State University Professor Michael Wesch, founder of Ed Parkour, says on that site that anybody can be a traceur, and I found that notion quite alluring, yet couldn’t quite get a hold on how it could apply to me.

Still, in that NACADA blog I followed Jim Groom in quoting Dylan Baker who says, “Parkour also influences one’s thought processes by enhancing self-confidence and critical thinking skills that allow one to overcome everyday physical and mental obstacles.”  And it seems that planted a seed that sprouted as I listened to Mike Wesch speak last Friday.

My “mental obstacle” has been my self-image as a “digital immigrant” – the language of technology is foreign to me and the path to learning each new tool has seemed strewn with overwhelming obstacles.  Each project involving a new technology has been so labor-intensive (and so prone to requiring assistance from others) that it has been highly challenging to find the motivation for the next one.

However, on Friday as I listened to Mike Wesch talking about the surveys he has been doing of his students over the past few years, I was stunned to learn that so very few of the “digital natives” know how to do anything beyond post a Facebook status, send out a tweet, or do a google search.  I suspect my family members have been trying to tell me this for quite some time, but this time there was research involved in the statement, and it penetrated my firmly-entrenched mental schema. How amazing to realize that I already possess a number of tech skills that most traditional-aged college students do not have!

This morning I woke up with the motivation to begin a new journey.  Ideas are bubbling… so many possibilities.  Today I figured out how to start a blog site.  What will tomorrow hold?


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