What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen?

Over the past few weeks, I have been reviewing the work of Marc Prensky (originator of the Digital Native–Digital Immigrant paradigm) and Michael Wesch (originator of the Ed Parkour concept), and of course, since that review is taking place in a digital environment, there have been many side paths to strike out on. Clearly, the […]


My husband is building a wall in our back yard. When his mother called yesterday to thank us for her Mother’s Day flowers, I heard him laughingly tell her, “yeah, we’re ten years into our five-year plan.”   I frequently hear my colleagues in Academic Advising quote from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in considering the importance […]

What Prompts You To Blog?

This week, my friend and colleague Laura Pasquini – inspired by an Innovative Educator blog posting on the topic –  asked, What Prompts You To Blog?.  As I followed the trail of Laura’s question back to it’s source, I began reflecting on why I have chosen to write in this public forum when it is really hard for […]