Bags are packed; I’m ready to go!

This afternoon as I was making sure that my inbox was clear and all my preps complete to be ready to travel to Morgantown, West Virginia for this year’s NACADA Region 3 Conference, my mind began to wander to the places I have been. I think it’s interesting that, for someone who doesn’t really think of traveling as her thing, I’ve managed to get around a fair bit.

My parents started me out in the US northeast, and then south to Virginia in my teen years.  That’s where I met my husband, and his first career in the Army took us twice to Europe, with a spell in Georgia in between, before landing us here in Kansas.  Since then, much of our vacation time has been spent traveling back to Virginia to spend time with our extended families, but we’ve managed a few other trips here and there.  europeAnd my work with NACADA has definitely been a catalyst for getting me to some great places that I probably would never have seen otherwise.  Thanks to, I was able to plot some of them out.

Blue: lived
Green: visited
Red: NACADA trip
Yellow: next vacation

Travel mapTomorrow we’ll head to Kansas City, and from there we’ll fly to Pittsburgh, PA, and then drive south to Morgantown.  I’m very excited, not only because I’ll get to see lots of great NACADA folks, but also because this will be a new area to explore.  I’ve been all around it – to the North, South, East, and West – but not yet in this middle section.  I’m told there’s a nice shopping stop to be had along the way, and then a view of the Monongahela River; hopefully we’ll have a chance to walk along the Caperton Trail.  Then after a few days in Morgantown, we’ll head south towards Beckley and then east across the mountains to Lexington, VA and on into Lynchburg to spend a few days with family.  We’ve made that drive across the Blue Ridge many times, and it’s always a joy, but particularly so at this time of year.

Adventure Awaits!


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